"If students want to get into a lab, they will always find a lab that will welcome them to join."

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I'm LeChen Qian. My major is Life Science.

In my sophomore year I started the first iGEM team. iGEM competition is a competition for students to do the crazy ideas in their mind, to build some fantastic things in biology, so that's why we want to make this team at ShanghaiTech. We recruited 31 students  at that year. There were students from Computer Science, Physics, also Material Science and we worked together to exchange our ideas. We worked on a super cool project, basically it is a platform to convert sunlight into hydrogen production and we worked on it for one year and then we won the gold medal at Boston. That was a pretty cool and memorable experience for me. I think students here get a lot of chance to get into labs. My experience at Harvard is that professors told me that the students are competing with each other for the chance to get into labs. But here at ShanghaiTech the professors really welcome students to join the labs and do lab work. And also the leadership at our university thinks highly of the research training experience. So I think it's really the advantage to join ShangahiTech and get such experiences.  

LeChen Qian will be attending Harvard University to pursue her PhD after graduation from ShanghaiTech.